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  • やまデラックス


  •   YAMA DELUXE tours will bring you a joy of breathing fresh air of the beautiful mountains. Licenced mountain guides will support your perfect experience. You can choose from a wide range of mountains in Yamanashi Prefecture.
    • TOUR NO. 10 Minobusan Level★ Day Trip

        • Join YAMA DELUXE and enjoy trekking!
        • Join YAMA DELUXE and enjoy trekking!
        • Join YAMA DELUXE and enjoy trekking!
        • Join YAMA DELUXE and enjoy trekking!

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      • Price(person) JPY7,800 ~ JPY7,800
        Tour Code
        Tour period February 08, 2023 - November 25, 2023
        Guide Yes
        Tour Conductor No
        Minimum participants 4
        Tour type 1 DAY
    • What is recommended

      YAMA DELUXE ~Fun mountain walking with a mountain guide in Yamanashi~

      Point1 An expert mountain guide will support you for fun mountain walking!

      Point2 We welcome a single participant ! Let's join us !

      Point3 A day trip mountain walk can be done from the suburbs of the Tokyo metropolitan !

      Point4 Covered by the travel insurance for climbing.

      Point5 A free taste of Yamanashi gift when you get back!

      Point6 20% discount coupon for climbing gear rental ! (Partially excluded)

    • Outline

      Visit several temples and walk up to 'Okunoin'. Minobusan ropeway for descending is included.

    • Tour Date

      2/8(Wed) 2/23(Thu) 3/6(Mon) 3/19(Sun) 4/9(Sun) 4/24(Mon) 5/9(Tue) 6/4(Sun) 10/1(Sun) 10/18(Wed) 11/9(Thu) 11/25(Sat)  

      *Minimum number of participants to conduct the tour will be 4. In case of participants are less than 4, we might ask you to change the date. ( We will inform you 1 week prior to the scheduled date by phone or e-mail.)
      *By paying extra fee and change to the private tour, we will assure you to conduct the tour. Please ask us for the details.
      *Depending on the number of participants, there might be more than 1 group with a sub-guide. (If you have your company, please let us know beforehand.)

    • Itinerary

      【Meeting point】
      Meeting point by Train▶ 9:40 JR Minobu St. at ticket gate
      Meeting point by car▶  10:00 In front of Kuonji Sanmon

      *We will inform you the details of meeting point after you applied.
      *The tour starts the climbing point not the meeting point. The guide will show you how to get there at the meeting points.
      *In case of the meeting point is at the JR Minobu St. , the transportation fee is not included in the tour fee.

      Minobusan Kuonji-temple (Around10:00)…Okunoin…(Ropeway/Additional¥860/person…Minobusan Kuonji-temple (Tour ends)

      *We may not be able to guide whole rout depends on the trail condition.
      *The weather affects the surrounding mountain view.
      *The ropeway may stop its operation all of sudden due to the weather condition.
      *We may change the plan according to circumstances.
      *The arriving time may vary depending on the walking pace. Please refer the estimated time required.

      The estimated required time : About 6 hours
      The altitude difference : About 860m
      Climbing skill level : ★ (beginners) 
      Note) Above information is just a standard.

    • Tour Fee

      ★(beginner level) ¥7800/person (Tax included)

      =Be able to change to a private tour=
      In case of private tours :
      1 person Add ¥12000    
      2 persons  Add ¥6000/person
      3 persons Add ¥2000/person

      *In case of private tours for less than 4 participants, we assure to conduct the tour.

      【Things included in the fee】
      ・A climbing guide
      ・Covered by Insurance for Light Climbing
      ・Free taste of Yamanashi present (1/person)
      ・20% discount coupon for climbing gear rental (mainly set products)

      【Things not included in the fee】
      ・Suitable climbing gear(shoes, clothes and rain gear etc.)
      ・Food and drinks
      ・Transportation fee from the climbing finish point to the starting point
      ・The ropeway fee

    • Notes

      ・Under 10 cannot participate even with parents. [Under 15 with parent(s)]
      ・15 years of age and under (underage) need parent's consent form.
      ・In case of special health conditions, please notify us.
       For more details, refer {Travel conditions} by {Travel Business Conditions}
      ・The regulation and fee of this tour are based on those enforced on 1st APR 2023.
      ・Schedule may change depending on the weather. If the tour is cancelled due to bad weather, you well receive an email one day prior to the scheduled day.
      ・Pictures are for illustrative purpose.

    • What to bring

      ●Wear suitable shoes and clothes for climbing.
      ●Bring rain gear in case of bad weather.
      ●Bring sufficient amount of drinks.
      ●Bring your energy bars(snacks) and lunch.

      =Discount climbing gear rental=
      Everyone who applies for Yama Deluxe Tour can get 20% discount coupon for climbing gear. (mostly set products)
      If you wish to receive the coupon, go to the La Mont Web site (https://lamont.jp/item/) after you apply the tour and make a request.

    • Cancellation Policy

      Please read Terms and Conditions before you apply for the tour.

    • T & Cs

    • Travel Planning & Implementation/inquiry

      Travel Planning & Implementation Phonet Inc. Fujisan Prefecture Tours
      Address Marubun Building 2F, 3631-2 Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture (Post Code: 401-0301)
      Phone +81-555-28-5191
      FAX -
      E-mail Address info@fujisan-pref.jp
      Open Monday to Friday (except national holidays)
      Opening hours 9:00-17:00
      Registration All Nippon Travel Agents Association Regular Member
      Travel Agent Registered by the Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture, Agency No.2-332
      Registered on Apr 8, 2022
      Certified Domestic and International Travel Service Supervisor: Rumi Uchida